Shuttle Bus from Castellon Airport (CDT) to Valencia and Castellon

If you are flying into Castellon Airport, then this guide will give you all the latest information on how the bus service from Castellon Airport (CDT) to Valencia, or to Castellon city centre, works.

🔴 Information updated in June 2024.

Castellon Airport (CDT) is located some 27km north of Castellon city, serving and providing international connections to the Mediterranean region of the Costa Azahar, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and unexplored regions of Spain.

This airport is also marketed by Ryanair, WizzAir, and other airlines as Castellon-Valencia Airport, as a secondary airport, serving the city of Valencia (96km away) and the region of Valencia due to its proximity.

One of the most common concerns when flying into Castellon Airport is how to get out of the airport and how difficult it is to find information on whether there is a shuttle bus service at the airport. Well, here is the answer.

Information about the Bus Service at Castellon Airport

There are currently two companies operating bus services at this airport. One of them operates the north line and the other the south line. We explain.

  • Autos Mediterraneo: This company operates the southern line, which connects Castellon Airport with Castellon city (Castellon train station), and once at Castellon train station there are direct trains to Valencia every 30 minutes.
  • Hife: This company operates the northern line, which connects Castellon Airport with the town of Torreblanca (Torreblanca Train Station), and once at the train station, you can easily connect by train with other tourist towns such as Benicassim, Oropesa, Peniscola, Vinaroz; or even, although it is not the best option, also with Valencia, Tarragona or Barcelona.

As mentioned above, this service is provided by Autos Mediterráneo. Tickets can be purchased online or on arrival at the airport. The service covers the route Castellon Airport ↔ Castellon Bus Station. Once you arrive at the bus/train station in Castellon, you will have to take a regional train to Valencia.

Although there were rumours that the direct bus route between Castellon Airport would be reactivated, for the moment it is still not running.

💶 Ticket Prices – Southern Line

  • Castellon Airport ↔ Torreblanca: €10 [No longer operated by Autos Mediterraneo. Now it is operated by Hife. More information is below].
  • Castellon Airport ↔ Oropesa: 10€ [No longer in operation. You can get to Oropesa from Castellon or Torreblanca train station.]
  • Castellon Airport ↔ Benicasim: €10 [No longer in operation. You can get to Benicasim from Castellon or Torreblanca train station].
  • Castellon Airport ↔ Valencia: 20€. [Although it normally operates in the summer season and stops in the winter season, at the moment this line is stopped]. View here other ways to get to Castellón and Valencia from Castellón Airport.
  • Castellón airport ↔ Castellon city: €12 each way. There are no discounts for return journeys. [This is the only option currently available with the southern route].

As far as we understand, babies and children under the age of 4 are free of charge and must sit on the lap of the accompanying adult, although this information may have changed.

🎟️ Where to buy tickets? Southern Line

  • Buy tickets online on the Autos Mediterráneo website. As always, this is the best way to secure a seat. Sometimes places are limited.
  • On arrival at Castellon Airport: Tickets can be purchased at the “Tourist Info” information point at Castellon Airport. Read on for more information.
  • To go from Castellon bus station to the airport: The bus departs at the times indicated from platform number 11, or 13, of the bus station (next to the train station). You can buy tickets on the bus itself if you have not already done so online.

Where is the Autos Mediterraneo counter at the airport?

Remember that the best option is to buy tickets online, so you can reserve a seat on the bus in advance. But, if you have not been able to do it online, you have the option to buy the tickets at the counter that Autos Mediterraneo has just in front of the arrivals exit of the airport (next to the Malco Rent a Car counter – car hire at Castellon airport is available), and the staff will help you to buy your ticket (only card payment is accepted, no cash).

The ticket counter is located in front of the arrivals gate at the Tourist Information Point.


⏱️ Bus arrival and departure times

  • ✈️ Castellon Airport (CDT) ➡ 🏢 Castellon Train/Bus Station: Departure times from the airport are approximate. The bus does not leave until the flight arrives and all passengers are on the bus. Each flight has a bus waiting for you. There is not much chance of missing the connection. If in doubt, ask where the bus stop is at the ticket desk, but we explain it above.
  • 🏢 Castellon Train/Bus Station ➡ ✈️ Castellon Airport (CDT): Departure times from Castellón bus station to the airport are fixed.

To check the timetables, follow the link below to the online ticketing website. Choose the schedule that best suits your flight times.

The northern line is connected by the Hife company, operates on a regular timetable, tickets can be bought on the bus and online, and connects Castellon airport with Torreblanca train station, which allows train connections to the main tourist towns in the area, such as Torreblanca itself , Benicasim, Oropesa, Peniscola, Vinaroz; or even, by regional trains, with Valencia, Tarragona or Barcelona.

💶 Ticket Prices – Northern Line

ConceptPrice (VAT included)
Per journey1,65 €
Per journey (over 65 years old)1,15 € (bus sales only)
10-trip vouchers15 €
*At some point in time, prices may vary and may be out of date. These prices are approximate. Please check here for current prices.

⏱️ Timetable: Northern Line

As it is a regular line, not fixed to each particular flight, there is a timetable. This varies according to whether it is a weekday or a weekend.

Opening hours Monday to Friday (except public holidays)
✈️ Airport Departure🚉 Arrives in Torreblanca
🚉 Departure from Torreblanca✈️ Arrives at the airport
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays Timetable
✈️ Airport Departure🚉 Arrives in Torreblanca
🚉 Departure from Torreblanca✈️ Arrives at the airport

🎟️ Where to buy tickets? Northern Line

Tickets can be purchased online on the Hife website, via the Hife App or on the bus (in cash).

Where are the bus stops?

✈️ Bus Stop at Castellon Airport

Finding the Castellon Airport Bus Stop is very easy. Exit through the central door or the door on the right after collecting your luggage.

🚌 Bus stop at the Castellon Bus Station

At Castellon bus station, the Autos Mediterráneo bus usually leaves from Platform 11 (The Castellón Bus Station is located next to the Castellon Train Station – Connecting you by train to Valencia, Tarragona, Barcelona, and almost all the most important cities in Spain).

🚉 Bus Stop at Torreblanca Train Station

The stop is located in the Torreblanca train station car park.

So that’s it folks. We hope we have helped you to resolve your doubts about the bus service at Castellón airport. We believe that this is enough, but if you have any other queries, you should contact directly with the companies that operate these bus lines (Autos Mediterráneo and Hife) or with Castellón Airport.

Have a good trip ✈️😊!!!

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