Best Car Rental Companies in Italy

This is the ultimate ranking of the BEST Car Rental companies in ITALY in 2024. This is the compilation of the best websites for renting a car in Italy, for hassle-free transportation in this beautiful country.

Italy is one of those indisputable travel destinations most people want to go to at least once in their life, and with good reason, as Italy has historically been one of the most important places, and nowadays, it preserves its history very well.

When we think about Italy, we might think about narrow roads with few cars, and if visiting only major cities, maybe renting a car might not be completely necessary.

However, if you want to get the most out of your trip to Italy, having a car that allows you to freely ride the Italian roads, without having to rely on train schedules, renting a car can be the best way to know the most charming towns and villages along the Italian road.

Choosing a car rental company is not always an easy task in Italy though, because generally, company ratings are quite low, and the conclusion that can be drawn is that all companies should improve the quality of service provided. and this is why we will know the best companies to rent a car when traveling to Italy.

The total score of each of the companies has been calculated using the average of the ratings of these companies in Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and as of June 2024.

So, whether you want to visit Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples, Catania, Bologna, Palermo, Bari, Pisa, Cagliari, Turin, Verona, Florence, Olbia, Brindisi, Genoa or Alghero, we have made a Ranking of the Best Car Rental companies in Italy in 2024 to help you choose your next car rental booking, which, by the way, you can do easily and at the best price on this website.

TOP 20 Car Rental Ranking in Italy in 2024

1 – (9.8/10)


Securing the top spot with an impressive score of 9.8 out of 10, is the best and the most trustworthy car rental company in Italy. This high rating is a testament to the exceptional service and comprehensive range of options that offers to travelers exploring the beauty of Italy.

With a user-friendly website and transparent booking process, makes it incredibly easy for customers to find the perfect vehicle for their Italian adventure, whether they’re looking for a compact car for city driving or a spacious SUV for a family road trip.

Customers consistently praise for its outstanding customer service, reliability, and the quality of its vehicles. One of the main advantages of choosing for your Italy car rental needs is the flexibility it offers, including various pick-up and drop-off locations across the country, which makes planning your trip a breeze.

Additionally, the company is celebrated for its competitive pricing and the absence of hidden fees, ensuring that customers enjoy a transparent and value-for-money experience. With, travelers can embark on their Italian journey with confidence, knowing they are supported by a top-rated car hire service that prioritizes customer satisfaction and convenience.

2 – Locauto (9.4/10)


Locauto secures the second position in the car hire rankings in Italy with an impressive score of 9.4 out of 10, showcasing its commitment to providing high-quality car rental services. This score reflects the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and its ability to meet the diverse needs of travelers.

Locauto is renowned for its wide selection of vehicles, catering to all preferences and requirements, from sleek sedans for business trips to robust SUVs for adventurous explorations of the Italian countryside. Their commitment to maintaining a modern and well-equipped fleet ensures that all customers drive away in a vehicle that is both reliable and comfortable. Customers frequently highlight the ease of booking their ideal car, the transparency of Locauto’s pricing structure, and the helpfulness of the staff, both during the booking process and at the pick-up and drop-off points.

The company’s locations are strategically placed at major airports and city centers across Italy, making it convenient for travelers to start their journey. Moreover, Locauto’s focus on providing a seamless rental experience is evident in its quick and efficient pick-up and drop-off procedures, minimizing the time customers spend waiting and maximizing their time enjoying Italy. With Locauto, travelers can expect a top-tier car rental experience, underscored by reliability, convenience, and a deep understanding of what makes a trip to Italy truly memorable.

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3 – Enterprise (9.0/10)


Enterprise secures a strong position in the Italian car rental market with a solid score of 9.0 out of 10, reflecting its global reputation for reliability and exceptional service within Italy. The company’s focus on customer service ensures that each renter receives personalized attention, making the process of car hire in Italy seamless and stress-free.

A highly reputable company, often chosen as the best or among the three best in the USA, Enterprise enjoys a rather mixed reputation in Italy, but still, you might want to consider them when deciding on the best car rental deal when traveling to Italy.

Travelers often commend Enterprise for its transparent pricing and the ease of the rental process, from booking online to vehicle pickup and drop-off. The availability of additional services, such as GPS navigation systems and child seats, allows for a tailored rental experience that meets the specific needs of each customer.

Moreover, Enterprise’s commitment to maintaining a modern and well-maintained fleet means that customers can enjoy a comfortable and safe driving experience as they navigate through Italy’s diverse landscapes. With Enterprise, visitors are not just renting a car; they’re being equipped with a reliable travel companion that enhances their journey through the rich tapestry of Italian life and culture.

Of course, Enterprise continues to be the brand, and there shouldn’t be as many issues as there might if renting directly with Locauto, but you should be aware and take enough precautions if you find your best deal with Enterprise.

4 – Sicily by Car (8.6/10)


Sicily by Car, with a notable score of 8.6 out of 10, distinguishes itself as a leading car rental choice specifically tailored for those looking to explore the unique beauty and charm of Sicily and beyond.

This company has carved out a niche for itself by specializing in providing an exceptional range of vehicles that cater to the varied landscapes and driving experiences found throughout Italy, but with a particular focus on the Sicilian region. Their deep understanding of the local area, combined with a commitment to customer service, ensures that travelers have both the knowledge and the means to fully embrace their Italian adventure.

Customers frequently highlight Sicily by Car’s competitive pricing, straightforward rental terms, and the quality of their customer service, making it a preferred option for those seeking to discover the hidden gems of Sicily and other parts of Italy. The company’s flexibility in pick-up and drop-off locations, including major airports and city centers, adds to the convenience, allowing travelers to start their journey with ease.

Additionally, the variety in their fleet, from economical city cars to more rugged vehicles for countryside exploration, means that every travel need is met. Sicily by Car not only provides the keys to a vehicle but opens the door to experiencing the rich culture, stunning landscapes, and exquisite cuisine of Italy, making every trip an unforgettable journey.

5 – Europcar (8.2/10)


Europcar, scoring an impressive 8.2 out of 10, stands out as a preferred choice for car rental in Italy, thanks to its international reputation for quality and extensive network across the country. This score is a testament to Europcar’s commitment to providing a seamless rental experience, whether customers are visiting Italy for business or pleasure.

With a wide selection of vehicles ranging from compact cars for city driving to luxury models for cruising the Italian coastlines, Europcar caters to every type of traveler seeking to explore Italy’s diverse landscapes and cultural offerings.

What sets Europcar apart is its emphasis on convenience and customer satisfaction. Travelers often praise the company for its efficient booking process, flexible rental terms, and the cleanliness and reliability of its vehicles. Europcar’s locations at major airports, train stations, and urban centers across Italy make it easy for customers to access their rental car upon arrival and start their journey without delay.

Moreover, Europcar’s dedication to sustainability, offering eco-friendly car options, aligns with the values of environmentally conscious travelers. With Europcar, visitors to Italy can expect not just a car rental, but a partner that enhances their exploration of this beautiful country, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free experience.

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6 – Autovia (7.9/10)


Autovia is a car and van rental company born in Italy, and its mission is to contribute to spreading the culture of eco-sustainable mobility by supporting organizations in their growth processes aimed at achieving maximum quality and competitiveness, also thanks to an effective and always efficient fleet of vehicles.

With a commendable score of 7.9 out of 10, it has established itself as a reliable and customer-focused car rental company in Italy. This rating reflects the company’s dedication to offering a personalized and flexible service, ensuring that each customer’s travel needs and preferences are met.

Autovia’s approach to car rental in Italy is characterized by a wide selection of vehicles, competitive pricing, and a commitment to high-quality customer service, making it a strong contender for both domestic and international travelers looking to explore Italy.

Their fleet of vehicles is very new and modern, they have all ranges and classes of vehicles for all types of customers, both Economy class for tourists, Premium, SUVs, and vans for business.

Customers frequently highlight Autovia’s transparent rental agreements, which clearly outline terms and conditions without hidden fees, providing peace of mind for renters. The variety in Autovia’s fleet appeals to a broad range of travel plans, from city trips in compact cars to adventurous drives in more robust vehicles.

Additionally, the company’s strategic location at key transportation hubs and popular tourist destinations across Italy enhances the convenience for travelers, allowing for an easy start and end to their journey. Autovia’s emphasis on maintaining a modern and well-serviced fleet ensures that travelers can enjoy a safe and comfortable driving experience as they discover Italy’s rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture.

7 – Drivalia (7.2/10)


Drivalia carves its niche in the Italian car rental market with a respectable score of 7.2 out of 10, showcasing its commitment to providing a straightforward and value-driven rental experience. This score reflects the company’s focus on simplicity and transparency, making it a favored choice for travelers seeking hassle-free car hire in Italy.

Drivalia’s straightforward approach is particularly appreciated by those new to renting cars in Italy, as it demystifies the process, allowing customers to focus on their journey ahead.

What truly sets Drivalia apart is its dedication to customer satisfaction, with reviews often praising the friendly and helpful nature of its staff. This level of service, combined with competitive pricing and a reliable fleet of vehicles, ensures that customers have a positive rental experience from start to finish.

Drivalia’s selection of cars is tailored to meet the diverse needs of travelers, whether they’re navigating the bustling streets of Italian cities or cruising through the scenic countryside. Moreover, the company’s strategic locations across Italy, including major airports and city centers, mean that picking up and dropping off your rental car is both convenient and efficient.

8 – National (7.1/10)


National secures its place in the Italian car rental landscape with a solid score of 7.1 out of 10, reflecting its global reputation for reliability and customer-centric service adapted to the Italian market. This rating underscores National’s commitment to offering a seamless rental experience, characterized by a wide range of vehicle options to suit various travel needs, from solo business trips to family vacations exploring Italy’s vast beauty.

National’s emphasis on efficiency and convenience is particularly valued by frequent travelers who appreciate the speed and ease of the rental process. Customers often commend National for its Emerald Club loyalty program, which enhances the rental experience through benefits like expedited service and free rental days, making it an attractive option for those who prioritize value and convenience in their car hire choices in Italy.

The company’s fleet is regularly updated, ensuring that renters have access to the latest vehicle models equipped with modern amenities for a comfortable and safe journey. Furthermore, National’s strategic presence at major airports and key urban locations across Italy ensures that picking up and dropping off vehicles is straightforward, minimizing delays and allowing travelers to maximize their time enjoying the rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes Italy has to offer.

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9 – Noleggiare (7.0/10)


Noleggiare earns its place in the competitive car rental landscape of Italy with a solid score of 7.0 out of 10, indicating its reliable service and customer-centric approach. This rating highlights the company’s efforts to provide a seamless rental experience, characterized by a friendly interface, transparent pricing, and attentive customer service.

Noleggiare’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of travelers through a wide range of vehicles and flexible rental options makes it a popular choice for those looking to explore Italy’s iconic cities, picturesque villages, and stunning natural landscapes.

Customers often commend Noleggiare for its efficiency in handling bookings and the ease of the pick-up and drop-off process, which significantly enhances the overall travel experience in Italy.

The company’s focus on maintaining a modern and well-maintained fleet ensures that travelers can enjoy their journey in comfort and safety. Additionally, Noleggiare’s strategic presence in key locations across Italy, including major airports and tourist destinations, adds to the convenience, allowing travelers to embark on their Italian adventure as soon as they arrive.

10 – Sixt (6.8/10)


Sixt, with a score of 6.8 out of 10, maintains its reputation as a global leader in the car rental industry, offering its services to travelers in Italy seeking quality and reliability. This rating underscores Sixt’s commitment to providing a premium rental experience, characterized by a wide selection of high-quality vehicles, from luxury cars to economical options, catering to the varied preferences and budgets of its clientele.

Sixt’s presence in Italy is marked by convenience and accessibility, with rental locations strategically placed at major airports, train stations, and city centers, ensuring that customers can easily embark on their Italian adventure.

Customers appreciate Sixt for its modern and well-maintained fleet, which includes the latest models equipped with advanced features for safety and comfort. The company’s user-friendly booking platform, coupled with its flexible rental policies, allows travelers to plan their car hire in Italy with ease, offering various options for insurance coverage, additional drivers, and GPS navigation systems.

Sixt’s commitment to customer service is evident in the professional and attentive support provided by its staff, making the rental process smooth and enjoyable.

11 – Hertz (6.7/10)


Hertz, scoring a 6.7 out of 10, continues to be a significant player in the car rental industry in Italy, offering a blend of international standards with local expertise. This score reflects Hertz’s enduring commitment to providing a reliable and customer-focused rental experience.

Known for its wide-ranging fleet that caters to all types of travelers, from those on a budget seeking economical options to those desiring luxury vehicles for a more upscale travel experience, Hertz ensures that every customer finds the perfect car for their journey through Italy.

Travelers often commend Hertz for its efficient service and the ease of the rental process, from online booking to vehicle pickup and return. The company’s presence at key locations throughout Italy, including airports, train stations, and city centers, adds to the convenience, allowing travelers to seamlessly integrate their car rental plans with their overall travel itinerary.

Customers also appreciate the transparency of Hertz’s rental agreements, highlighting the absence of hidden fees and the clarity of terms and conditions. With Hertz, visitors to Italy can expect a smooth and hassle-free car rental experience, supported by a company with a long-standing reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.

12 – Ecovia (6.5/10)


Ecovia, scoring a 6.5 out of 10, positions itself as a unique player in the Italian car rental market, particularly appealing to the eco-conscious traveler. This rating reflects the company’s commitment to sustainability and affordable travel options, offering a fleet of vehicles that includes eco-friendly choices.

Ecovia’s focus on environmental responsibility does not compromise on quality or convenience, making it a preferred choice for those looking to minimize their carbon footprint while exploring the beauty of Italy.

Customers often commend Ecovia for its competitive pricing and the variety of vehicles available, from compact cars ideal for city driving to larger models suitable for family trips. The company’s dedication to providing a transparent and straightforward rental experience is highly valued by travelers, ensuring that there are no hidden fees or surprises.

Ecovia’s strategic locations across Italy, including major airports and popular tourist destinations, enhance the accessibility and convenience for travelers. With Ecovia, visitors can enjoy a more sustainable way to travel, experiencing Italy’s rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes while contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

13 – Thrifty (6.3/10)


Thrifty, scoring a 6.3 out of 10, positions itself as a budget-friendly car rental option for travelers in Italy, emphasizing value without compromising on quality. This rating reflects Thrifty’s commitment to offering affordable car hire solutions, making it an attractive choice for cost-conscious travelers looking to explore Italy’s rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes.

Thrifty’s approach to car rental in Italy is centered on providing a straightforward and efficient service, ensuring that customers can quickly and easily get on the road to their next adventure.

Customers often highlight Thrifty’s competitive pricing and the variety of vehicles available, from compact cars perfect for navigating Italy’s narrow city streets to larger models suitable for family trips along the coast or through the countryside. Thrifty’s rental process is designed for convenience, with clear terms and conditions and a quick, hassle-free pickup and drop-off experience at their various locations across Italy, including major airports and popular tourist destinations.

Despite its focus on affordability, Thrifty does not skimp on customer service, with reviews frequently praising the helpfulness and professionalism of its staff. Thrifty offers a compelling blend of value, variety, and convenience for travelers seeking a reliable and economical car rental option in Italy.

14 – Dollar (6.2/10)


Dollar Car Rental, a well-known name in the car hire industry, offers travelers a reliable and cost-effective solution for exploring Italy. While not previously scored in the provided rankings, Dollar is recognized for its competitive pricing and a wide range of vehicles suitable for various travel needs, from solo adventurers to family vacations. Dollar’s presence in Italy includes strategic locations at major airports, city centers, and popular tourist destinations, ensuring convenience for travelers upon their arrival and throughout their stay.

Customers appreciate Dollar for its straightforward rental process, which aims to get travelers on the road quickly and without hassle. The fleet at Dollar Car Rental in Italy is diverse, offering everything from compact cars for navigating the narrow streets of historic towns to larger SUVs and minivans for those looking to explore the countryside or travel with a group.

Reviews often highlight the value for money Dollar provides, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious travelers. However, like any service, experiences can vary, and some customers suggest there’s room for improvement in customer service and vehicle maintenance. Overall, Dollar Car Rental stands as a solid choice for those seeking an affordable and reliable car rental option in Italy, allowing them to fully immerse in the Italian experience without breaking the bank.

15 – Optimorent (6.0/10)


Optimorent, with a score of 6.0 out of 10, establishes itself as a noteworthy option for travelers seeking car rental in Italy, particularly for those prioritizing affordability and basic, no-frills service. This rating signifies Optimorent’s position in the market as a provider of economical car hire solutions, catering to budget-conscious travelers who are looking to maximize their value while exploring the diverse landscapes and historical sites of Italy.

Optimorent appeals to those who prefer a straightforward, efficient rental experience, allowing more of their budget to be spent on the rich experiences Italy has to offer. The company is recognized for its straightforward booking process, transparent pricing, and a selection of vehicles that, while perhaps not the newest on the market, are reliable and suitable for a variety of travel needs, from city hopping to countryside touring. Customers appreciate the ease of pick-up and drop-off at Optimorent’s locations, which include convenient spots near major transportation hubs and tourist attractions across Italy.

Although Optimorent’s amenities and services might be more basic compared to higher-rated competitors, the company still maintains a commitment to customer satisfaction, with staff members who are ready to assist and ensure a smooth rental process. For travelers who prioritize practicality and are looking for a simple, cost-effective way to explore Italy, Optimorent offers a viable solution that meets their essential car hire needs.

16 – Alamo (5.8/10)


Alamo, with a score of 5.8 out of 10, is recognized for its commitment to providing a friendly and efficient car rental service in Italy, catering especially to international travelers. This rating highlights Alamo’s focus on creating a hassle-free rental experience, allowing visitors to easily explore Italy’s myriad attractions, from its bustling cities to its serene countryside.

Alamo’s emphasis on customer convenience is evident in its straightforward booking process, competitive rates, and selection of vehicles that meet the needs of a diverse clientele. Travelers appreciate Alamo for its transparent pricing structure, avoiding hidden fees, which contributes to a trustful relationship between the company and its customers.

The availability of Alamo’s rental counters at key entry points into Italy, such as major airports and train stations, means that starting your Italian journey is as smooth as possible. Additionally, Alamo’s friendly staff are noted for their willingness to go the extra mile, offering tips for navigating local roads and recommendations for must-see destinations. For those looking for a reliable and customer-oriented car rental service in Italy, Alamo presents a solid option, ensuring that your travel plans are supported by a dependable vehicle and a team dedicated to your satisfaction.

17 – Budget (5.0/10)


Budget, with a score of 5.0 out of 10, positions itself as a practical choice for travelers seeking affordable car rental options in Italy. This rating reflects Budget’s commitment to offering competitive pricing and a range of vehicles to suit the budget and needs of various travelers. Despite its middle-of-the-road score, Budget remains a popular option for those prioritizing cost efficiency without sacrificing the essentials of a reliable car hire service.

Customers choose Budget for its straightforward rental process and the ability to find economical options for exploring Italy’s stunning landscapes and historic cities. The company’s presence at major transportation hubs, including airports and train stations across Italy, adds a layer of convenience for travelers.

While reviews may indicate areas for improvement, particularly in customer service and vehicle condition, many customers have had positive experiences with Budget, highlighting its value for money and the wide availability of rental locations. For travelers looking to maximize their budget while enjoying the freedom to explore Italy at their own pace, Budget offers a viable solution that balances cost and convenience.

18 – Green Motion (4.6/10)


Green Motion, with a score of 4.6 out of 10, distinguishes itself in the Italian car rental market by focusing on eco-friendly vehicle options. This rating reflects the company’s commitment to sustainability and providing environmentally conscious travelers with a greener alternative for their car hire needs in Italy. Despite facing challenges in achieving higher customer satisfaction scores, Green Motion appeals to a niche market that values environmental responsibility highly.

Customers are drawn to Green Motion for its selection of fuel-efficient, hybrid, and electric vehicles, which allows them to reduce their carbon footprint while exploring Italy’s beautiful landscapes and historic sites. The company’s initiative to offer a more sustainable car rental option aligns with the growing global trend towards environmental conservation.

However, reviews suggest that there is room for improvement in areas such as customer service and the rental process to enhance the overall customer experience. For travelers who prioritize eco-friendly practices and are willing to navigate the nuances of renting from a company with a strong environmental ethos, Green Motion offers a unique opportunity to contribute to sustainability efforts while enjoying the rich cultural and natural heritage of Italy.

19 – Maggiore (3.5/10)


Maggiore, scoring a 3.5 out of 10, is an Italian car rental company that offers a local touch to the car hire experience in Italy. Despite its lower score, which suggests areas for improvement in customer satisfaction and service quality, Maggiore has a long-standing presence in the country and provides a range of vehicles to meet various travel needs. As a company deeply rooted in Italy, Maggiore understands the nuances of navigating the country’s diverse regions, from bustling city centers to serene countryside vistas.

The company prides itself on offering a personalized service, aiming to cater to the specific requirements of each traveler, whether they’re in Italy for business or leisure. Customers choosing Maggiore can expect a selection of cars that include the latest Italian models, allowing them to travel in style and comfort. However, reviews indicate that enhancing the overall customer experience, from the booking process to vehicle pick-up and return, could further elevate Maggiore’s standing. For travelers seeking a car rental company with local expertise and a wide range of options, Maggiore offers the opportunity to support an Italian brand while exploring the beauty of Italy.

20 – Avis (3.0/10)


Avis, with a score of 3.0 out of 10, is a globally recognized car rental brand that offers its services across Italy. Despite this lower rating, which suggests challenges in meeting customer expectations in areas such as service quality and value, Avis continues to be a choice for travelers due to its international reputation and widespread presence.

With rental locations in major airports, cities, and towns across Italy, Avis provides convenience for travelers looking to explore the rich cultural and scenic landscapes of the country.

The company boasts a diverse fleet of vehicles, from economical compact cars for city driving to luxury models for a more upscale travel experience. Avis aims to cater to a broad audience, including business travelers, couples on romantic getaways, and families on holiday. However, the rating indicates that there is significant room for improvement in customer service, transparency in pricing, and the overall rental experience.

For travelers who prioritize brand recognition and the reassurance of renting with an established global entity, Avis offers the potential for a familiar car rental service. Nonetheless, the feedback reflected in the score highlights the importance of carefully reviewing rental terms and considering customer reviews when choosing Avis for car hire in Italy.

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In conclusion, navigating the landscape of car rental companies in Italy reveals a diverse array of options catering to the varied needs and preferences of travelers. From highly-rated local favorites like and Locauto, known for their exceptional customer service and comprehensive offerings, to internationally recognized brands such as Enterprise and Europcar, offering extensive networks and a wide selection of vehicles.

Budget-friendly options like Thrifty and Dollar provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality, while specialized services like Green Motion appeal to eco-conscious travelers. Despite the lower scores of some well-known brands like Maggiore, Avis, and others, indicating room for improvement in customer satisfaction, each company presents unique advantages that could suit different travel plans and expectations.

As you plan your journey through Italy’s stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage, considering these varied car rental options can help ensure a travel experience that aligns with your preferences, budget, and style, making your Italian adventure unforgettable.

Other useful information about car rental in Italy

Is it recommended to rent a car in Italy?

Renting a car in Italy is highly recommended if you plan to explore rural areas, small towns, or regions with less frequent public transportation.

With a car, you have the flexibility to travel at your own pace, make impromptu stops, and enjoy scenic routes like the Amalfi Coast or the countryside of Tuscany. However, in larger cities like Rome, Milan, or Florence, parking can be difficult and expensive, and traffic can be heavy. In these areas, it might be more convenient to rely on public transportation or walking.

Additionally, it’s important to be aware of ZTL zones (restricted traffic zones) in many Italian cities, where driving is regulated, and fines for unauthorized entry can be hefty. If you decide to rent a car, make sure you are comfortable with manual transmission, as automatics are less common and more expensive to rent.

What are the popular cars for rent in Italy?

In Italy, the most popular rental cars tend to be small to medium-sized vehicles due to the narrow roads, especially in historic city centers and rural areas.

  • Compact and economy cars such as the Fiat 500, Fiat Panda, and Lancia Ypsilon are widely chosen for their maneuverability and fuel efficiency. These models are ideal for navigating Italy’s sometimes tight and winding roads.
  • For those traveling with more passengers or requiring more space, slightly larger models like the Volkswagen Golf or the Ford Focus are also commonly available and popular.
  • Luxury cars, brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi are frequently rented by those looking for a more upscale driving experience.
  • Convertibles are especially popular in scenic coastal areas, offering a thrilling way to enjoy Italy’s beautiful landscapes.
  • For families or groups, SUVs and minibusses are also options to consider, providing more space and comfort for longer drives.

Is it difficult driving in Italy?

Driving in Italy can be challenging, especially for those unfamiliar with local driving conditions. In cities, traffic is often heavy, and local driving styles can seem aggressive to visitors. Navigating narrow, winding streets in historic centers, dealing with limited parking spaces, and understanding traffic signs in Italian can add to the complexity. Additionally, many Italian cities have ZTLs (Zona Traffico Limitato), which are restricted traffic zones where non-resident vehicles are not allowed during certain hours, and fines for violations can be hefty.

On the other hand, driving in rural areas offers a more relaxed experience with scenic views, although roads can be narrow and winding, particularly in mountainous regions like the Alps or Apennines. Italian highways (autostrade) are well-maintained and efficient but come with tolls. It’s important to be prepared for high speeds as the speed limit on autostrade is typically 130 km/h.

For a smoother experience, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with Italian road laws, perhaps rent a GPS or have a reliable map app, and always be cautious of your surroundings. While it does come with challenges, driving in Italy can also be incredibly rewarding, offering the freedom to explore the country’s diverse landscapes and hidden gems at your own pace.

How much is average car rental in Italy?

The average cost of renting a car in Italy varies widely depending on several factors including the type of car, rental duration, time of year, and the rental company’s policies. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from 30 to 50 EUR per day for a basic compact car if you book in advance. Prices can increase for last-minute bookings or during peak tourist seasons, such as summer and public holidays.

For larger or luxury vehicles, the costs can be significantly higher. For instance, mid-size cars may range from 50 to 80 EUR per day, while SUVs and luxury models can cost 100 EUR per day or more. Additionally, renting an automatic transmission vehicle typically costs more than a manual transmission vehicle.

It’s also important to consider extra costs like insurance, which can vary but often adds at least 10 to 20 EUR per day. GPS rentals, additional driver fees, and child seats are other add-ons that can increase the total price. Additionally, many companies require a deposit, which can be a significant amount but is usually refundable. Checking for inclusive deals that cover insurance, unlimited mileage, and taxes can often provide better value.

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